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  • Installation

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    2525Please pay special attention to the [wiki:011 Upgrading to 0.11] page if you want to run 0.11 on any of your systems.
    27 == Stable Download ==
    29 Version 0.11.1 is the current stable released version, and recommended for normal users.
    31 Version 0.10 is the old stable version. We recommend it only for users who are willing to live with the known problems, which will not be fixed:
    33  * Backing up files over 2GB chooses an unexpected block size, which can be restored but causes quick compare to fail with !BackupStore !BadBackupStoreFile (4/11) (see [1599] and ticket:2)
    34  * Incremental updates to files over 2GB may also fail with !BackupStore !BadBackupStoreFile (4/11)
    35  * Restoring files over 2GB fails instantly (see ticket:2)
    36  * Build on Debian Etch 64-bit fails with the error ''!BackupQueries.cpp:818: error: LLONG_MIN was not declared in this scope''.
    37  * Windows support is not very good, the Windows client will often deadlock with bbackupctl and various other problems.
    38  * Restoring symbolic links which create a directory loop, or to inaccessible directories, will fail
    39  * Compilation with GCC 4 is not supported and errors should be expected.
    41 Box Backup is available pre-packaged for the following systems:
     27== Binary Packages ==
     29The easiest way to install Box Backup is to download and install a binary package. These are available for the following operating systems:
    4331 * [#Debian Debian]
    5240If you have a different system to the above then you'll need to build it from the [source:/box/packages source code] by following the GeneralInstall instructions.
    54 == Development Download ==
    56 Packaged development versions are made available as ''beta releases'' or ''release candidates'', depending on their stability. They are available from the BetaReleases page. If you want to build from source, please read the SourceCodeRepository page.
     42== Source Code ==
     44If no binary package is available, or you need a more recent version to fix a bug, then you can download and compile the source code.
     46Please use the latest commit on the master branch on GitHub unless you have a very good reason not to (for example, if you know for sure that it has an issue that was recently introduced and not yet fixed).
     48We use continuous integration to test new commits before pushing them to the master branch. This should ensure that the master branch always passes all of our tests, and is of sufficient quality for a release. We do not plan to make any specific numbered version releases any more, since the master branch is always of release quality.
     50Problems in older releases will likely only be fixed by a new commit on the master branch, not by backporting to a maintenance branch. We hope to avoid maintenance branches completely.
    5852== Packaged Versions ==
    111105 * Follow the [CompilationOnWindows#Installation installation instructions]
    113 If you have a deep desire to build your own binaries from source, it is possible, but if it doesn't work then we may not be able to help you much. The source code can be downloaded from [source:/box/trunk here] using Subversion, and compiled by following [CompilationOnWindows these instructions].
     107If you have a deep desire to build your own binaries from source, it is possible, but if it doesn't work then we may not be able to help you much. The source code can be downloaded and compiled by following [CompilationOnWindows these instructions].
    115109=== FreeBSD ===