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Market Place

There is a growing network of companies that provide support for systems running Box Backup.

Premier Provider

The premier provider of support for Box Backup installations is Ben Summers, founder and lead developer of Box Backup,

To find a local support provider, select your region from the list below.

Local Providers

Please select a service provider from one of the following regions:



Central and South America


  • Altimate Net is based in Germany. We offer a sophisticated, fast and easy to use .NET Windows Client for backing-up all kinds of Microsoft Clients and Servers. The Client is handling the "Key Generation" in a user friendly and secure manner, using our webbased payment and management backend. The Client works with other Boxbackup Servers as well. The backend is based on a fully redundant Bladecenter with 2 x 16TB of "Storage Space". The costs are reasonably priced with about 1 Euro per GB on a monthly basis without any extra fees. Please check out our services and the new client.
  • Backed-up is run by Dave Bamford and based in W. Sussex. We currently run 2 servers each with 300G RAID and are building a 3rd server with a 1Tb RAID 1 array. The servers run version 0.10 and the windows client with the keys can be automatically downloaded from the web site as a self installing executable. Please see the web site for pricing.
  • Own-it Own-it provides online backup facilities based on Box Backup. There is a €50 euro setup fee and the monthly costs equal the amount of gigabytes. So €30 euro/month for 30GB space. Order online on the website (dutch) or mail kovoks@….
  • Qwirx is based in Cambridge, UK. The managing director is Chris Wilson, one of the developers of Box Backup. We provide contract software development, consultancy and web hosting to a number of local organisations. We run a Box Backup 0.11rc2 server, currently with 500 GB RAID 1 storage, on a 10 Mbit leased line. A Box Backup account costs £50 per 10 GB per annum, no extra charges.
  • RemoteBackupZone is offering a free 14 day trial for 25G to all Linux and BSD users. The install is automated for supported distributions and allows new users to easily demo boxbackup. Paid usage starts at £3 for 25G per month.

North America

  • Tebuco, Inc., Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA. Tebuco, Inc., owned and operated by E.W. Peter Jalajas, provides a wide range of technical business consulting services to small businesses. For Box Backup users, Tebuco, Inc., offers a professionally managed Box Backup server in Massachusetts. The server runs Box Backup version 0.10, under Ubuntu Dapper 6.06 (Debian), on a 2.8 GHz Pentium D, with 4GB RAM, and dual 250GB HDs RAID-1/Mirrored, connected to the internet via a 3Mb/700Kb DSL line. Services also include on-site technical support, website maintenance, business process automation, information security, videography and video editing, database management, and free open-source software consulting, focusing on the exciting new Ubuntu Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution. Please visit our website for more information,
  • Reedtz Consulting, LLC, Hughson, CA, USA. Providing IT consulting services to small businesses in the Central Valley of California. The owner, Per Thomsen provides an array of services for businesses in the Stockton - Modesto - Merced area, including email, web site development and hosting, application development, and automated backup services using the Box Backup platform. A new server is now running, which supports 3.5TB of RAID-5 storage running Box Backup 0.10 on Fedora Core 5, connected to a full T-1 line. Installation is $100, and prices start at $45/month per machine for up to 10GB of backup storage. Additional storage space is available at $10/month for each additional 10GB. See our website for more details, or for a quote.


How to Join

If your company offers services and support for Box Backup, we want to list you! Please add your service details to this page. Note that your use and distribution of Box Backup must be compliant with the license.

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