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Change History for SourceCodeRepository

Version Date Author Comment
21 3 years chris Update to describe working with Git and new lighter-weight policies
20 9 years Achim J Latz Added special case for compiling with MingW …
19 9 years chris
18 9 years chris
17 9 years chris
16 9 years chris add simple instructions on how to build and run trunk
15 9 years chris
14 10 years James O'Gorman Link to Snapshots page.
13 10 years James O'Gorman Note the snapshots branch of the repository.
12 10 years chris update link to Subversion download page
11 10 years James O'Gorman Remove reference to FreeBSD versioned autoconf - this is no longer the …
10 10 years James O'Gorman Grammar fix (Box Backup is a proper noun), correct minor nits, change …
9 10 years Pete Jalajas fixed svn up and added svn switch, thanks be to James O'Gorman
8 10 years Pete Jalajas added killall bbackupd
7 10 years Pete Jalajas added make install-backup-client
6 10 years Pete Jalajas added svn up, killall, make install-backup-server
5 11 years chris link to svn installation docs
4 11 years chris fix location of win32 branch
3 11 years James O'Gorman Update URLs to reflect move.
2 11 years James O'Gorman Add a note about FreeBSD's versioned auto* binaries
1 12 years hickinbottoms Initial version (based on old wiki)